My Experience as Budget Wrangler in WordCamp


I have been involved as Budget Wrangler in Nepal’s WordPress Community since 2015. I look after the financial aspect of WordCamps, Meetups and other events that are related to WordPress Nepal.

Talking about my experience, I was assigned as  one of the organizer of WordCamp Nepal 2015. WordCamp Nepal 2015 was full of challenges,  as the budgets of previous years was a bit messy. I had to gather all the scattered information of expenses and incomes, and contact the people who were involved financially in previous years.  Another challenge we faced in 2015 was crisis because of earthquake, blockade and shortages, WordCamp Nepal 2015 was full of challenges and we had very little time to organize. There were even  doubts if we’d find sponsors and co-organizers. Another challenge was the number of attendees, could we get a good numbers of attendees? But surprisingly, everything started going with the flow, the sponsor slots started filling up and one by one and there are almost 250 attendees. Finally everything stared falling in the place and I was really happy. WordCamp Nepal 2015 was really challenging for all the organizer but everything happened smoothly. I finished my budget report with in few weeks and it was published in our official website here.

In WordCamp Kathmandu 2016, everything was in its place. I had experience from last year, I kept all the records of expenses and bills which helped me complete my budget easily at end of the year. In 2016,  the budget was completed within a week and we published the budget details in website within a month.

This year WordCamp Kathmandu 2017 was held on 20th May and it was a huge success. We published budget after 10 days of event. Here is the link.

It is always great working with hard working organizers and volunteers. I want to thank each and everyone who helped making this event successful.  There is always a feeling of satisfaction after giving back to WordPress Community.

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