My Experience as a Panelist: WordCamp Kathmandu 2016


I have been actively involved in the Nepali WordPress community since 2015, looking after its financial aspects. I even served as one of the Budget Wranglers for this year’s WordCamp Kathmandu 2016 along side Anil Basnet. This year in WordCamp Kathmandu 2016, there was a panel discussion on the topic of “Kick-starting your career in WordPress” and I was asked to join the panel with Suren Shrestha and Vishal Basnet.

When I was first asked to be a part of the panel, I was really nervous. I had never spoken in front of a mass as large as the one in WCKTM 2016. There were times when I got cold feet and nearly backed out. But then my team members from Catch Themes encouraged me and that considerably boosted my confidence. Next came the preparation part of it. I sat down in front of my computer and got to researching for the panel discussion. I have my own WordPress origin story but I wanted to be able to give precise numbers. Numbers help make a strong impression.

WordCamp Kathmandu 2016 is the first of its kind. Previously, WordCamps in Nepal were conducted under the moniker “WordCamp Nepal“. But this year, in order to motivate other small WordPress communities, the members of WordPress Nepal decided to take on a different route and organize WordCamp Kathmandu. November 19th 2016 was determined to THE day.

On the day of the event, the panel discussion session was scheduled to begin at 4:15pm. I wasn’t as nervous as the day began. But as the time of the discussion came nearer, my nerves started to kick in. A tad bit nervous and conscious. But then I thought to myself, “Being a little nervous is good”. I mean, the adrenaline gives you that extra boost of energy and when you’re nervous while doing something, you put some extra effort to do. It shows that you care. Then, as I got seated on the stage and the panel discussion began, my nervousness slowly started fading away. Thereafter, I started enjoying the session. I mean I was given a platform to share my experience; motivating others to come join our fabulous community.

I was been asked questions like: Why to choose WordPress as career when there are other platforms?, Why is WordPress popular?, How to start WordPress as career? Despite of my nervousness, I answered all the questions shared by experience and knowledge. In a way, I was giving back to the community. And, as a WordPresser, nothing can beat that feeling.

At the end of the day, there were many beginners of WordPress in audience attending our session and I really hope my answers gave them some ideas about what WordPress is and starting career in WordPress is lucrative. Talking in front of a big crowd is never easy but what matters is you share your knowledge and your values so that others can learn and benefit from them. And that, as a speaker, is fundamental.

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