Yomari Punhi


Yomari Punhi is celebrated by Newar community, which falls in November/December during full moon. Punhi is known as full moon day and Yomari means “favorite bread” which is made by rice flour dough, shaped like fish and stuffed with brown cane sugar which is called “chaku”and sesame seeds, which is then steamed. Also can be stuffed with “khuwa”, sauted black lentils, seasoned meat.

People of the Kathmandu Valley offer worship to Annapurna, the Goddess of Grains, for the rice harvest on this full moon day. According to the legends Suchandra and Krita, a married couple, first experimented with fresh yield of rice from their field at present day Panauti in ancient times. And what took shape turned out to be known as Yomari.

This delicacy is the chief item on the menu during the post-harvest celebration of Yomari Punhi. Groups of kids go to the neighborhood to requesting for Yomari cakes from housewives in the evening. Sacred masked dances are performed in the villages of Harisiddhi and Thecho at the southern end of the valley to mark the festival.

Today yomari is more than just newari tradition, yomari is also served as dessert and has taken over heart of many.  Happy Yomari Puhni to all!!!


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